San Francisco, CA

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A taste of winter in NY and a day at the Beach in RI.

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Do you find it strange that the last post I was discussing really really needing a sunset? Well I guess I got the ladder in the past two weekends the weather madness has continued. There was a brief one day blizzard, a day skiing, and a february sunny day at the beach…. I am curious as to what this weekend has in store.

Either way we both got out to enjoy it and hope that you did too.

At holimont (Ellicottville, NY for those of you that do not know), while skiing, I was able to take a few photos. Specifically take a look at the bench shot I took. There is something to be said about integrating design elements into ski hill. Several of these benches were located at various trail segments around the mountain. I was immediately drawn to them, they certainly providing a resting spot for skiers and the style of them fits in perfectly with the surrounding context. I did not however see anyone using them, they seem to be a good photo opportunity but not a space where anyone is going to park themselves to take a break from skiing. The photo of the Adirondack chair although unoccupied in the photo I have posted, proved to be quite the hot commodity at the Apres Ski event at the end of the day.

As for Lisa on the beach in February, well there is not much to say about that other than lucky dog!


The Maplewood Rose Garden, Rochester, NY

You may be asking yourself why I am posting all these summer photos. I just finished downloading my phone photos.  It turns out I have captured some gorgeous photos of the roses at Maplewood Rose Garden on Lake Avenue. For those of you that don’t know it’s not necessarily the greatest part of town, but the roses are spectacular.

I was able to take these photos using my droid x. The phone is capable of taking 8.0 mega pixel photos and the quality is really great!

I will be using my phone to capture images and photos to share with you. Enjoy!