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The Napa Landscape

I got married!!! And then went on a honeymoon that included:

Wineries,rolling hills, mountain tops, redwoods, fountains, flowers, & GRAPES! you name it. Where did we go? Napa, CA…. at least that was one of the stops. It’s all as beautiful as everyone tells you it is. Go there. And spend some time, you can’t really rush through it if you tried. I would go back, actually trying to wait until its reasonable to plan another trip. ┬áLearn to drink wine. I never really drank much red but learned to appreciate it on this trip. Can I become a professional traveler, wine consumer, and food eater? While on this trip I was thinking that would be the case. But towards the end when I was full, bloated, and lethargic from all I had consumed I remind myself this is what you do on vacation (and maybe the weekends).

Many of the wineries had gorgeous landscapes. Some with elaborate gardens, seating areas and even fountains. Some of  the plants would work here while others most

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certainly would not. As fall is on the brain I also got to thinking about the different planting seasons and general maintenance. Heat lamps galore in Napa and San Fran. I could mimic any of these designs for my yard but then I remembered we have snow. Shoot.

I’m beat more photos from the honeymoon will follow in the next few days…. I hope.

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