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San Francisco, CA

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The Napa Landscape

I got married!!! And then went on a honeymoon that included:

Wineries,rolling hills, mountain tops, redwoods, fountains, flowers, & GRAPES! you name it. Where did we go? Napa, CA…. at least that was one of the stops. It’s all as beautiful as everyone tells you it is. Go there. And spend some time, you can’t really rush through it if you tried. I would go back, actually trying to wait until its reasonable to plan another trip.  Learn to drink wine. I never really drank much red but learned to appreciate it on this trip. Can I become a professional traveler, wine consumer, and food eater? While on this trip I was thinking that would be the case. But towards the end when I was full, bloated, and lethargic from all I had consumed I remind myself this is what you do on vacation (and maybe the weekends).

Many of the wineries had gorgeous landscapes. Some with elaborate gardens, seating areas and even fountains. Some of  the plants would work here while others most

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certainly would not. As fall is on the brain I also got to thinking about the different planting seasons and general maintenance. Heat lamps galore in Napa and San Fran. I could mimic any of these designs for my yard but then I remembered we have snow. Shoot.

I’m beat more photos from the honeymoon will follow in the next few days…. I hope.

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Rhody Containers

As promised, better late than never, I have included some of the photos of Lisa’s containers. Her house has a nice little second story wood deck where she created this nice salty air planted jungle if you will. The ornamental oregano is quite stunning. It is very dainty, and adds a certain neatness to the messiness (I may be making up my own words at this point) of the other plants. Combine her containers with the salt air, view to the beach, and a friendly passersby on bike or foot and you could’nt have a better summer retreat. Cheers!  -Sarah

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Life on the Water

I often try to explain to others how I feel when I am on the water and have done a lot of thinking lately about how important it is to me. As I said in the last post I went to visit Lisa this past weekend in Matunuck, RI. She is my sister and shares the same love for being on the water that I do. One of the many reasons we get along so well. After the 6 hour drive after work on friday morning we arrived in Matunuck. The street covered in cars and people walking around going to the couple of local but great “classic” beach bars that we have come to love. Immediately upon getting out of the car the thick sea air hits you. Breathe in deep, that summer smell overwhelms.

On saturday morning I woke up and proceeded immediately to the deck off of her bedroom. It was very sunny and you can see the ocean in between the beach houses across the street. I immediately feel at ease. Here are few photos from the deck. More photos of the containers she has lined the deck with to follow in the next post.

My question for all of you… is the cost of living on the water worth it?  Crazy taxes, high costs of living… does the feeling of relaxation and calm go away when this is the view you see every morning? Or is it a constant reminder that life is good?

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Sunset Series

This series of sunset photos were taken on July 3rd 2012. The annual Sodus Point fireworks display is this evening, and we have the luxury of viewing them from Crescent Beach on Sodus Bay. I have been failing all of you on this sunset series that I originally wrote about.

This weekend I am off to Rhode Island – sisters reunited.  I will certainly have a post of 2 from the trip!


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Knotty Design goes Motor Boating

For those of you who do not know, my father and his partner have purchased a new boat. It is not new to them but it is a CLASSIC if you will. Jazz is the new boat. My brother and I went out to try to take some photos. Bumpy lake and rain clouds on the horizon, this was the result.

Lesson learned… its hard to take phone photos on the water at high speeds and rocking about. There are a few good ones. Our dad was able to return the favor and shoot some photos of us as well.

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Cottage Containers 2012

To get this season’s cottage container gardening kicked off – this saturday my mother and I visited local nurseries around Sodus Bay. I discovered that Grandpa’s on Route 104 in Sodus has a much larger plant selection than I anticipated. It was a prefect spring day – 78 and sunny on the bay. Not too shabby considering the Lake is still fairly cold.

Last year with the help of Lisa we were introduced to the Elephant Ear. A unique annual with a large leaf – similar to the look of an elephant ear if you will. They are not your typical geranium.

My favorite annual has to be fiber optic grass. I was thrilled to come across it again and actually yelled out in the nursery upon spotting it. I drew some attention to myself at that point but I didn’t care.

As I usually post during lunch (1/2 hour), I will have to keep this short and I want to get the photos uploaded for your viewing pleasure. We are only about 1/2 done with the containers for this year. More planting to be done next weekend.  I encourage you to leave questions or comments on the plants if you have any, thanks!! -SC

PS- Garden in whatever makes your comfortable… I included my fancy pink attire. It was sunny, why not get a tan while work on the yard!

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Cottage Season is Upon Us!!

Yesterday, marked the first official cottage day of the summer. Ok it’s still spring but I have the itch for summer fun like no other. It was a bit chilly but sunny sunny sunny yesterday on the Bay. The Fighting Yellow Lady (Crewless) is  on the water and ready for the adventures of Summer 2012. The “Shack” has a new red roof which looks glorious. We has a nice little bay tour and dinner at Skippers Landing. The prime rib is a must order. Our friends drove their gorgeous brand new boat and joined us.

I also determined that I will be spending as much of my free time as possible in sodus. The dreaded monday after Sunday Funday in Sodus can have quite the bite- especially when it was the first trip out to the Bay Street. Deenie Martini was in full effect serving us last night. It was fun, and I will make it through the day. If you’re gonna play you’re gonna pay? Or so the saying goes…

Turns out we love Sodus so much we are getting married there this fall. SO EXCITED! Going tonight to have my measurements taken for my dress. The container gardening and landscape will have to be in FULL EFFECT this summer so look out Sodus Bay Garden Club we will be giving you a run for your money this year. Enjoy the photos! -SC

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Knotty New Orleans

All I can say is that the hanging baskets are a great addition to the building facades. I left thinking I could not wait to go and get some ferns to hang on my covered porch. I have a great side entrance colonial that is cedar shake in an antique red barn color and the contrast in color with the boston ferns is great. I captured a great window overhang that you will see – the black and white stripe against the brick building. There are some images of potted plants and palm trees as well.

There is a step down to the Mississippi along the river walk which to me is one of the better throughout design details along the waterfront promenade. While I was in Barcelona they had a similar feature. Although the gold old Missip is not a pristine body of water you want to reach out and touch, it allows visitors of the space to interact and get close to the main attraction (the river in this case).

Enjoy – SC

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Island Time.

Long over due post on my trip to Sint Maarten & Anguilla. I took a ton of photos but tried to capture some landsape design or shall I say overall design flair as well as some of the local flora. I also captured some beach and ocean shots. Enjoy. – Sarah

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