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Rhody Containers

As promised, better late than never, I have included some of the photos of Lisa’s containers. Her house has a nice little second story wood deck where she created this nice salty air planted jungle if you will. The ornamental oregano is quite stunning. It is very dainty, and adds a certain neatness to the messiness (I may be making up my own words at this point) of the other plants. Combine her containers with the salt air, view to the beach, and a friendly passersby on bike or foot and you could’nt have a better summer retreat. Cheers!  -Sarah

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Life on the Water

I often try to explain to others how I feel when I am on the water and have done a lot of thinking lately about how important it is to me. As I said in the last post I went to visit Lisa this past weekend in Matunuck, RI. She is my sister and shares the same love for being on the water that I do. One of the many reasons we get along so well. After the 6 hour drive after work on friday morning we arrived in Matunuck. The street covered in cars and people walking around going to the couple of local but great “classic” beach bars that we have come to love. Immediately upon getting out of the car the thick sea air hits you. Breathe in deep, that summer smell overwhelms.

On saturday morning I woke up and proceeded immediately to the deck off of her bedroom. It was very sunny and you can see the ocean in between the beach houses across the street. I immediately feel at ease. Here are few photos from the deck. More photos of the containers she has lined the deck with to follow in the next post.

My question for all of you… is the cost of living on the water worth it?  Crazy taxes, high costs of living… does the feeling of relaxation and calm go away when this is the view you see every morning? Or is it a constant reminder that life is good?

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Salt, Sun, And Wind Oh My!

Three things I love all the time but many plants certainly dont!

This winter  has been hardly a winter for me- I am reminded every morning when I wake up and look out our window. I am so lucky to have the most beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean right from my bed. While we have had very mild temperatures and plenty of sun this year, it’s still too cold to hang out on our deck. To get my green fix during the winter- my Monstera Plant has been keeping me very happy. The large green leaves are so tropical feeling and frame our view to the ocean nicely. The lantern from Ikea is my newest purchase and I can wait to light them up on summer nights!

Spring is first though and all I can ever think about is WHAT AM I GOING TO GROW ON MY DECK! Heres the problem- the deck is a  is a harsh site for growing-constant salt, sun, and wind exposure is great for my summer tanning escapades but hard on plants. So recently I have been exploring the option of Lavander!

One of the Lavandula angustifolias or English lavenders-Munstead Lavender is a fragrant lavender that, due to its short size (about 18 inches) and tightly held blooms (about 8 inches), makes a great border or lush container!  It flowers profusely in the spring, after which a good pruning will provide an attractive gray bush with highly aromatic leaves. Of all the English Lavanders Munstead is the most tolerant of dry hot conditions. The skinny stalk and small leaf surface is perfect for a windy site-any broad-leafed plant material would be ripped to shreds here. Mix with other mid- late summer bloomers and you have a lush, aromatic landscape!

Yay for coastal container gardening!


A taste of winter in NY and a day at the Beach in RI.

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Do you find it strange that the last post I was discussing really really needing a sunset? Well I guess I got the ladder in the past two weekends the weather madness has continued. There was a brief one day blizzard, a day skiing, and a february sunny day at the beach…. I am curious as to what this weekend has in store.

Either way we both got out to enjoy it and hope that you did too.

At holimont (Ellicottville, NY for those of you that do not know), while skiing, I was able to take a few photos. Specifically take a look at the bench shot I took. There is something to be said about integrating design elements into ski hill. Several of these benches were located at various trail segments around the mountain. I was immediately drawn to them, they certainly providing a resting spot for skiers and the style of them fits in perfectly with the surrounding context. I did not however see anyone using them, they seem to be a good photo opportunity but not a space where anyone is going to park themselves to take a break from skiing. The photo of the Adirondack chair although unoccupied in the photo I have posted, proved to be quite the hot commodity at the Apres Ski event at the end of the day.

As for Lisa on the beach in February, well there is not much to say about that other than lucky dog!


Hello KnottyDesign.. Rhode Island Represent!!

Kudos to Sarah for kicking off KnottyDesign and a way for us to share our love for design, the water, and everything pretty!

First of all let’s get it straight: Sodus Pt. is home. It is the first landscape I ever loved and the place that has taught me everything I know about outdoor living and natural beauty. While Sarah reps from there, I have since relocated to the beautiful state of RI and currently live in a little town called Matunuck. After the initial shock of having salt in my water and realizing that Canada was not on the other side of that big body of water in my back yard…Matunuck has proved to be one fabulous place to live.

Sarah and I are best friends and true water babies. This has influenced our lives in every way and now we want to explore that theme in our daily design experiences!  We hope you enjoy!!