Salt, Sun, And Wind Oh My!

Three things I love all the time but many plants certainly dont!

This winter  has been hardly a winter for me- I am reminded every morning when I wake up and look out our window. I am so lucky to have the most beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean right from my bed. While we have had very mild temperatures and plenty of sun this year, it’s still too cold to hang out on our deck. To get my green fix during the winter- my Monstera Plant has been keeping me very happy. The large green leaves are so tropical feeling and frame our view to the ocean nicely. The lantern from Ikea is my newest purchase and I can wait to light them up on summer nights!

Spring is first though and all I can ever think about is WHAT AM I GOING TO GROW ON MY DECK! Heres the problem- the deck is a  is a harsh site for growing-constant salt, sun, and wind exposure is great for my summer tanning escapades but hard on plants. So recently I have been exploring the option of Lavander!

One of the Lavandula angustifolias or English lavenders-Munstead Lavender is a fragrant lavender that, due to its short size (about 18 inches) and tightly held blooms (about 8 inches), makes a great border or lush container!  It flowers profusely in the spring, after which a good pruning will provide an attractive gray bush with highly aromatic leaves. Of all the English Lavanders Munstead is the most tolerant of dry hot conditions. The skinny stalk and small leaf surface is perfect for a windy site-any broad-leafed plant material would be ripped to shreds here. Mix with other mid- late summer bloomers and you have a lush, aromatic landscape!

Yay for coastal container gardening!



3 thoughts on “Salt, Sun, And Wind Oh My!

  1. slcostich says:

    Lisa great way to motivate for the spring container season!! – Sarah

  2. nancy says:

    Very nice. Do you start with plants for seeds?

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