I am Sarah.

First, you need to know, I am loud and tough and emotional. Some call me a bull.

I live in Rochester, NY, claim to fame Kodak and Xerox. I work at Costich Engineering, the firm my grandfather, Chuck, started 35 years ago. I am the third generation.

I am the 25-year-old blue-eyed blonde girl in a world of men. It doesn’t bother me… most of the time.

I enjoy sailing, boating, swimming, being on the water, being able to see the water, etc. I am optimistic that Lake Ontario will be my back yard at some stage of my life.

Sodus Bay is the largest bay on Lake Ontario. If you can’t get a hold of me its most likely where I am. Don’t be offended. I get there and I escape. I have spent summers on the bay since I was small.

My sister Lisa is my best friend. She is the more creative, quieter version of me. Although she may argue she is equally loud in her own way. We have set out on two distinctively different yet similar paths. We hope to share with you.


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