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Paving Patterns, Walk Surfaces… Call them what you will.

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While studying abroad in Barcelona, I began taking note of all the various different patterns and surfaces used for walkways and paths. There are many considerations from how it will look aesthetically (color, texture, scale) to how it will actually be used (walking, biking, cars). Here are some of the images I collected….  – Sarah


Irene hits the Point.

I remember talking with Lisa who had been evacuated from their Beach House on Matunuck Beach before taking these photos. The hurricane somewhat fizzled by the time it reached Sodus. However, riding my beach cruiser to the beach proved to be a challenge. As ‘ Waterfront Enthusiasts’ I think we are often excited any time we are presented with weather conditions that show nautre’s true strength. On this day their were record breaking 9′ waves recorded off the shore of Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario. Enjoy the photos. -Sarah

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Hello KnottyDesign.. Rhode Island Represent!!

Kudos to Sarah for kicking off KnottyDesign and a way for us to share our love for design, the water, and everything pretty!

First of all let’s get it straight: Sodus Pt. is home. It is the first landscape I ever loved and the place that has taught me everything I know about outdoor living and natural beauty. While Sarah reps from there, I have since relocated to the beautiful state of RI and currently live in a little town called Matunuck. After the initial shock of having salt in my water and realizing that Canada was not on the other side of that big body of water in my back yard…Matunuck has proved to be one fabulous place to live.

Sarah and I are best friends and true water babies. This has influenced our lives in every way and now we want to explore that theme in our daily design experiences!  We hope you enjoy!!

The joy of Pinterest

So being that Lisa and I are in different states it is a common occurrence to skype or video chat. Last night we tested out the Facebook version of video chat. Lisa schooled me in the ways of Pinterest. I was immediately hooked. It is a great tool for design ideas and just plain old inspiration. The image below is one of Lisa’s “Pins” on her Pinterest Boards. It’s an amazing wood head-board. Its super cool. And I am quite possibly using this in my own bedroom. Do yourself a favor, check out Pinterest.

The Maplewood Rose Garden, Rochester, NY

You may be asking yourself why I am posting all these summer photos. I just finished downloading my phone photos.  It turns out I have captured some gorgeous photos of the roses at Maplewood Rose Garden on Lake Avenue. For those of you that don’t know it’s not necessarily the greatest part of town, but the roses are spectacular.

I was able to take these photos using my droid x. The phone is capable of taking 8.0 mega pixel photos and the quality is really great!

I will be using my phone to capture images and photos to share with you. Enjoy!

Container Gardening

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I am Sarah.

First, you need to know, I am loud and tough and emotional. Some call me a bull.

I live in Rochester, NY, claim to fame Kodak and Xerox. I work at Costich Engineering, the firm my grandfather, Chuck, started 35 years ago. I am the third generation.

I am the 25-year-old blue-eyed blonde girl in a world of men. It doesn’t bother me… most of the time.

I enjoy sailing, boating, swimming, being on the water, being able to see the water, etc. I am optimistic that Lake Ontario will be my back yard at some stage of my life.

Sodus Bay is the largest bay on Lake Ontario. If you can’t get a hold of me its most likely where I am. Don’t be offended. I get there and I escape. I have spent summers on the bay since I was small.

My sister Lisa is my best friend. She is the more creative, quieter version of me. Although she may argue she is equally loud in her own way. We have set out on two distinctively different yet similar paths. We hope to share with you.

Hello world!

Welcome to Knotty Design, your snapshot into the personal and professional life of Sarah and Lisa Costich. We are sisters, seperated by hundreds of miles, that share a love for the outdoors, the good life and great design. Knotty Design is here to share our experiences and ideas with you. Enjoy.